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Hi, I’m Saskia Marjoram and I make Flower Essences.

Flower Essences are like the Bach Flower Remedies (think Rescue Remedy), rather than Essential Oils.


For those who haven’t come across them, Flower Essences don’t smell at all and are liquids that contain the unique vibrational imprint of the plant they are made from. I know that sounds a bit airy-fairy and your logical brain may have trouble getting used to the idea, but believe me they are incredibly powerful and I have seen near miraculous results from people using them. They are perfectly safe to use alongside other medication. They’re great for kids and even work on animals.

Flower Essences are usually taken as drops under the tongue and are incredibly effective at shifting stuck behavioural and emotional issues. We’re not allowed to say they help with physical problems but more and more people realise that one often leads to the other. By addressing your emotional and mental well-being, more often than not, you’ll help your physical issues as well.

When you take a Flower Essence into your system, it shows you how to behave more like that plant does.

So, for instance, taking oak essence helps you to be strong and steady and to fully understand that ‘slow and steady wins the race’ – it is better to grow steadily, stopping to rest and recover and then grow again, rather than rushing through life, working to your absolute limits and collapsing in a heap. This essence is very good for workaholics and people who are exhausted but don’t find time to rest. We put it in our Breathe Deep, Seek Peace combination which is very good at helping you relax, stop worrying and let go. It is very good for helping you sleep too.

Each flower has a different message and they work in a very subjective way, so it is difficult to describe exactly what each one will do in just a paragraph or two. It’s a bit like trying to describe a human. However, over the 17 years I have been making them I feel like I’m getting to know them quite well now.

Some people notice the effects straight away, for some people it takes a couple of weeks to notice a change and for others it might not be until a few months later that they look back and realise they are no longer doing that ‘thing’ or feeling like they did. The great thing about Essences is you just have to remember to take them and they do the work for you. You don’t have to do affirmations or meditation or go to a class you haven’t really got time for – just take the drops twice a day and the changes will happen.