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Easy Sleep Spray
Easy Sleep Spray
Easy Sleep Spray
Easy Sleep Spray
Easy Sleep Spray

Easy Sleep Spray


Sold By: Saskia Flower Essences


This Easy Sleep spray is held in soothing Lavender hydrosol that Saskia small batch distils herself from lavender lovingly grown by The Story Pig less than ten miles from where it is distilled… with flower essences added to help you stop worrying, relax, let go and drift away.

We suggest you spray it around yourself and on your pillow before settling down to sleep.

It contains the energy of :
White Chestnut – for removing unwanted thoughts
Red Chestnut – against worrying about others
Wild Garlic – to feel safe and protected
Speedwell – to slow right down
Oak – to rest and recharge
Cherry Plum – soft calmness
Dandelion seed – to help you drift away

Recommended Use : Mist yourself and your pillow before getting into bed and during the night if you wake.
Pure, slowly distilled hydrosols/flower waters often smell quite different to the essential oil as they contain many more plant molecules than just the lightest aromatic ones bringing all of the energetic and physical healing of the plant with them. This is particularly the case with lavender. Although you can smell the essential oil molecules in the liquid there is also a herby, grassy sweetness to this spray.

This spray is safe to use alongside other medication, when pregnant or breast-feeding, and for children.

Saskia’s Flower Essences and Sprays are made and bottled by Saskia with love and integrity in Somerset.

This spray comes in a 100ml glass bottle with a fine mist atomiser and contains: Lavandula angustifolia hydrosol(lavender water), 0.5% Sodium benzoate(preservative), 0.5% Potassium sorbate (preservative), 0.32% abv alcohol.
Energy imprint of White Chestnut, Red Chestnut, Wild Garlic, Speedwell, Oak, Cherry Plum and Dandelion seed.


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About the Maker:

I am Saskia Marjoram. I have been working with flowers at different levels for my whole life. As a professional gardener for more than 30 years, and florist to HRH Prince of Wales for many years, I started making flower essences in 2003 with my friend and business partner for a long time Christine Felce. I am continually fascinated by how plants and humans interact and the wisdom they have to share with us. My deep love, friendship and knowledge of the flowers has continued to grow as I discover just how powerfully their energy affects, and interacts, with us.

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