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Saskia’s flower Essences boxed set contain all 8 of their Combination Essences at 20% less than buying them all singly.

They make great gifts and are perfect for family life or for those who say ‘I just can’t decide,I need them all.”

Full size 30ml Combinations included are :
Breathe Deep, Seek Peace – winding down, letting go
Calm and Confident – for challenging situations
Emotional Relief – for when life is just too much
Focus, Energise, Create – just get on with it
Sexy and Gorgeous – for when you want to sparkle
Shock Release – relief from panic and trauma
Speaking with Confidence – improving communication
Strength and Support – for when you need hope

Recommended use: 7 drops under the tongue when needed. Flower Essences can be used just occasionally or daily for longer standing issues. Some people open the box daily and take a few drops of the one they are drawn to.

Flower Essences are unscented and very effective at shifting emotional and behavioural issues. They are completely safe to use alongside other medication, when pregnant or breast-feeding, and for children and animals.

Saskia’s Flower Essences are made and bottled by hand with love and integrity in Somerset.

These come in a reusable lined cardboard box with 8x 30ml tamperproof glass bottles that contain:  Spring Water, Organic Vodka (16% ABV), Energetic imprint of flowers


About the Maker:

I am Saskia Marjoram. I have been working with flowers at different levels for my whole life. As a professional gardener for more than 30 years, and florist to HRH Prince of Wales for many years, I started making flower essences in 2003 with my friend and business partner for a long time Christine Felce. I am continually fascinated by how plants and humans interact and the wisdom they have to share with us. My deep love, friendship and knowledge of the flowers has continued to grow as I discover just how powerfully their energy affects, and interacts, with us.

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