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A Made My Wardrobe Sewing Pattern. The Josie Bra & Pants set is designed with absolute comfort in mind. You can either make it in cotton jersey or a combination of jersey and lace. The bra has cross back straps and can be made with a long or short under band. The short underband has a hook & eye closure at the back whilst the long underband is continuous all the way around.

The Josie Bra & Pants is available in UK sizes 6 – 24. The bra is not underwired but does provide a lovely amount of support across sizes. A size chart will be included in the pattern to help you work out which size to make.

Gather Your Supplies…

I recommend using stretch cotton jersey (even better organic cotton jersey) and stretch lace for this pattern.

Maximum jersey needed 0.75m length (1.5m wide) Maximum lace needed 3m (17cm+ wide) Maximum elastic needed 9m for sizes 18-24, 7.5m for sizes 12-16, 5.5m for sizes 6-10 (All 1-1.5cm wide), 2 or 3cm wide metal ring, 3cm wide hook and eye bra fastener (for short underband only)

I recommend this pattern to beginner and more experienced sewers alike.

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About the Maker:

On 1st January 2016 Lydia Higginson decided to start making her entire wardrobe from scratch. By the end of that year she had made over 60 garments and given away all the clothes that she had ever bought from shops. Since the 1st January 2017 she has only worn clothes she has made. If you want to know more about that process head over to a piece she wrote about it here.

As the project built momentum she had lots of women get in touch to say they would love to learn how to make their own clothes, so she started teaching workshops all over the UK. Then she had lots of people get in touch from overseas who said they wanted to sew the designs she taught in her workshops, so she decided to collate all the knowledge she had gained from teaching in person and put it into one envelope which can either be downloaded or posted! She hopes this will allow women all over the world to make the clothes they dream of wearing. She has a dream that one day it will be as normal to make your own clothes as it is to make your own dinner.