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There is something magical about looking at jar upon jar of marmalade. When we saw these photographs of Dalemain Marmalade awards we knew we had to find out more.  Tables completely covered in homemade citrus conserves, dotted with jugs of cheery daffodils and bowls of goldfish, in an elaborate hall of a country estate – eccentric Britain at its best. Traditionally, marmalade making happens when citrus is in peak season- from December to March. Amber jars adding brightness to grey winter days. We can understand why making marmalade is popular. It is so nourishing to make a jar of something sweet and sticky that partners perfectly with hot buttered toast. 


Dalemain in  Cumbria is host to The World Marmalade Awards. Founded in 2005 in the aftermath of Foot & Mouth by Jane Hasell-McCosh, who wanted to do something positive for the local area, as well as raising money for Hospice at Home. She was inspired by her love of marmalade, which she used to make with her mother, and by the collection of old marmalade recipes from the 17th century she had recently found at Dalemain. The Awards received about 60 jars the first year, and have grown ever since – last year they received over 3000 entries from 40 countries, and they have raised over £250,000 for Hospice care worldwide.



There are multiple categories in which you can enter; Dark and chunky Marmalade, marmalade with a twist and even a special category for Campanologists (Bell Ringers). People add interesting flavours including tea, seaweed, parsnip and horseradish, as well as a wide range of spirits and beers. 


The World Marmalade Awards are wonderfully eccentric. There was a man who even climbed to the top of mount Helvellyn to collect fresh water to use in his marmalade. They have an ‘Octogenarians’ category, one year they had a message from a group of ladies from an island off Hiroshima who wanted to enter but were terribly worried that one of their members was only 79. I hear they let that slide! It is exciting how the marmalade making community is spreading all over the world. Georgina Regas is a Spanish marmalade maker, who since winning an Award has begun helping women’s co-operatives in Senegal to make marmalade from local citrus fruits. They entered the 2020 competition!



It really is amazing how unifying this simple preserve has become. People really really care. 


Jane Hasell-McCosh and her team at Dalemain have decided that the show must go on! Now more than ever we all need to celebrate the positivity and joy of making Marmalade. The 2021 awards will be virtual this year and they have added a new category ‘Marmalade for a Friend’- A jar you would gift to a pal who has made a difference to you over the last year. There is also a ‘first timers’ category so we at The Chuffed Store challenge you put on your aprons and get involved.


The Dalemain World Marmalade Awards are pure joy. 


If you are feeling inspired, the deadline for entries is Wednesday 10th Feb. @MarmaladeAwards

Beautiful photographs by Hermione Hasell – McCosh