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Our Chuffed Store Christmas Wishlist

We have asked the whole Chuffed Store family what they would like to find wrapped up under the tree this year..


“I would love to wake up on Christmas day and unwrap a striped Yetton Vest in Dark Apple and Paradise Blue” Sue, Notch Handmade



“This lovely tea towel. I think she’s brilliant, Lu Mason. She makes beautiful mobiles too.”  Ok David



 “This makes me dream every time I look at it” Katja Huth



“For me it’s the Large Matisse Leaf Earrings In Antique Mirror, which I would give to one of my stylish granddaughters – earrings don’t suit me personally.” Peter Arscott



My two top picks would have to be the brushed bowl & knitted vest in dark apple. If I had to pick one, I would choose the brushed bowl.” Birgit, Folde



 “After much deliberation I think it’s got to be the DAMA bag by Couper et Coudre. So sexy!” Rachel, Yetton



“It’s so hard to choose when there are so many incredible things on The Chuffed Store but I love ceramics so I think I’d like one of Jane Tyler’s beautiful colourful plates under my Christmas tree!” Eleanor, The Naked Weaver



 “On my Chuffed Store Christmas list would be Robyn Smith’s Arne Hoops in gold . I love the fun take on a classical look and think they are a perfect staple for any occasion.” Tamika, Mika’s Makes



 “I would love to find the Greta Dungarees sewing pattern under my Christmas tree. I’m not very good at sewing but the dungarees are perfect for my pottery life and I would make them in lots of fun colours!” Jane Tyler



” I LOVE LOVE LOVE Folde’s new Ray Ring. I tried it on the other day when Robyn dropped round for a natter. It is so weighty and tactile- I can’t stop thinking about it” Millie, The Chuffed Store



“I’d go for a Notch leather notebook cover to put my 2023 diary in – useful and well made… and I have high hopes for 2023!!!” Saskia’s Flower Essences



“I would love love love another Yetton vest but I also think that receiving jewellery is so special, so I’d opt for the Cawley Hoops” Laura Aymara



“It’s a pretty tough decision when there are so many amazing things to choose from, but I’m a bit of a sucker for a good pampering and would probably go with the Verdekin soothe and restore home spa bundle (you also get more than just one thing this way).” Midori, Furrow



 “It’s so hard to choose just one thing!! I think I’d have to go for the bespoke Somerset wool jumper by Ria Burns – I’d love to own one of these beautiful, regenerative garments!”  Jade, The Handloom Room



“I would loooove a set of the Etienne hair slides, probably number 2 if I had to choose!” Maud, Fungus & Mold



 “I would like the yellow fingerless mitts from Ria Burns.” Lu Mason



 “Mine would definitely be the Verdekin Nourish, Radiate and Glow – At home facial kit. I love Polly’s beauty products so much.” Lydia, Made My Wardrobe



“​​If I were to receive one gift, it would be the Couper et Coudre Dama bag!” Sara, Kano



“I would love one of Robyn Smith’s silver ear cuffs, they are gorgeous!” Ria Burns


“It’s practically impossible to choose, but I would have to say the Notch Handmade Explorer backpack. O the joy I’d feel strolling down the street with my stuff tucked away safely in that gem of a bag!” Claudia, The Chuffed Store