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Who are you, where are you from and what do you make?

Hello! I’m Jade and I live in a village in Somerset, I’m settled here after growing up in Devon and living in Bath, London and Barcelona too. I make handwoven scarves and soft furnishings with wool. I love the rhythmic nature of weaving and playing with colour and pattern.


What inspires you?

I’ve been interested in textiles for many years. My mum is a keen patchworker, so I grew up around big stashes of lovely fabrics. When I was at uni I got a job in a small fair trade boutique selling block-printed clothing and furnishings from India and my interest in ethical production grew from there. I’ve since travelled quite a lot and base most of my holidays around visiting interesting textile producers in remote locations!

I am inspired by the process of creating wearable, functional pieces from a single piece of yarn. The weaving of fabric is something that is often taken for granted, even though it forms the basis of most items of clothing. Enabling people to understand this process helps people to appreciate the time, skill and value of fashion production in general.


What is your workshop luxury?

Ooh! I’ve just started making homemade chocolate. This week’s had orange zest and cardamom…once it has entered the studio it rarely gets out again!


Your favourite studio lunch?

This winter I have been loving white cabbage salad. My favourite one to make is Thai style with fish sauce, sesame, ginger and lime. Topped with eggs from my chickens. So good and so crunchy!


Best spot in the British Isles?

That’s so hard! We have so many beautiful spots here. I was particularly blown away when I visited the Isle of Harris a couple of years ago. The beaches are pure white and the sea an amazing glistening turquoise! I also found the peat bogs fascinating. And the weaving of course.


What do you find challenging about being a creative?

I find it hard to stay on track with a design, especially where I need to create many repeats of something. I love making new shapes and patterns and bringing in new shades. I have realised the importance of paring things down in recent years, so I am getting a bit better at holding back. I also find making time for marketing a bit of a challenge.

What would you like to learn next?

I have a spinning wheel that someone gave me a few years ago and I’ve only used it a couple of times. I would love to be able to turn fleece into yarn myself, without too many lumps and bumps!


How do you let your hair down?

We’ve made sure to still have some parties during lockdown (albeit just the two of us in the lounge!) where we sing and dance into the night. I also really relax on the tennis court, having played since I was five. Swimming in the sea too whenever possible.


What are you listening to at the moment?

I do enjoy Emma Barnett’s Woman’s Hour in the studio most mornings. I’ve recently got the Rosalia album which is pretty fab!


What makes you feel well chuffed?

When the seeds I plant in the greenhouse turn into fully fledged veg! Last year I even managed to grow a loofah, which we are now using as a dish-washing sponge.