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Who are you, where are you from and what do you make?

Hi I am Joe Lyster! I was born in Stroud, but have been living in Bristol for the past 15 years. I run a company called Lumo, we design and make artisan lighting. In my spare time I love to learn about other forms of making and how it can inform and inspire my craft. I make traditional paper and fabric kites, kimonos and do Indigo dyeing 


What inspires you?

When it comes to lighting I was initially inspired by how much lighting could change the mood in a space,  I became aware of how little people thought about this. It is such a big aspect of your space, especially in the UK with long nights and dark days. A long-time focus of mine has been about good design. It should look simple and hide all the thought and work that has gone into it. My main inspiration comes from looking at form and shape around me, I love getting lost in things like the golden ratio and trying to incorporate it into my work. People have innately been drawn to this throughout time.  


What is your workshop luxury?

About two years ago I built a CNC (computer numerical control) machine and since this, one of my favourite things is finding out all of the amazing things it can do. One of the first projects I did with it was to take a paint brush and combine it with plumbing and a bike valve to create a pressurised paint brush that could be mounted to the CNC to draw with. 


Your favourite studio lunch? 

Ryvita, radish, nori, salad, salmon, soya sauce seeds, wasabi dressing. As you can see I am an avid foodie and feel like taking that time for yourself in the day is really essential. Nourishment and time out is good for productivity and inspiration. 


Best spot in the British Isles?

I have a real affinity with the River Wye, I started canoeing down there alone as a kind of reset pilgrimage a few years ago. I have completely fallen in love with it. However I also love my surrounding countryside on my doorstep, especially through Lockdown as this has allowed a real instant escape and to discover new adventures with my two year old daughter. 


What do you find challenging about being a creative?

Trying to be everything from an account manager to website designer and everything in between can sometimes be a little daunting. I really find I am best placed when my focus is directed at a few things, especially in the creative design and making area.  The social media aspect is particularly hard and uninspiring for me, but luckily we have a super duper woman- Beth who has just come on board. Now I can just focus on what I love doing.


What would you like to learn next?

There are always so many things! I am constantly trying to incorporate traditional Japanese Shibori dyeing and I would love to learn how to make a rice paper called Washi. I am also very interested in recycled plastic being melted into moulds of my lights. There is a very cool new company called Bristol Plastic Factory doing just this.


How do you let your hair down?

Music! Dancing around the workshop is straight up therapy. Long bike rides can also hit the spot


What are you listening to at the moment?

Madlibs new album,  Lex Amor, Devendra Banhart, James Hunter, Tom Bailey then the classics like Billie Holiday and Aretha!!


What makes you feel well chuffed?

Getting to spend time with my amazing 2 year old daughter every Friday. Taking a picnic to the park, running around on the sand and then making bread in the afternoon.