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Meet The Animals

We thought it was time to introduce you to all the studio companions of our wonderful makers. One day we will host a Chuffed Crufts with giant rosettes and heel work to music. For now we think you are all winners.


“My Loyal Sidekick” Isabel Lyster from Paper Jungle



“She’s a cat who knows she is in charge of the household, regardless if I’m creating or not she’s going to let me know she’s hangry” Harriet Mcleish



“I don’t have a studio dog yet. But I volunteer for Bristol Street Goat and like to hang out with these beasties. Work- goat balance!” Katja Huth



“This is Raggamuffin, she loves to snooze in the raised beds of my dye garden. Luckily she isn’t too interested in chasing balls of yarn, unlike most cats” Ria Burns



“I have a small zoo – One Shetland who lives with two sheep, lots of cows, 3 goldfish, 3 guinea pigs, the 3 dogs, 2 cats and the many lovely chickens. We used to have pigs too!” Emma Black



“Bramble, our miniature Shetland is tiny, smaller than most sheep. We walk her everyday with the dogs and she is so gentle and calm nothing fazes her. We all love her” Emma Black



“Here is my cat Parker lying on my sketches for a new throw I am thinking of making.  He’s a rescue cat, very cheeky and greedy but very sweet with my toddler at least!” Kitty Pennybacker



 “This is Lily wearing a collar that I made her. She recently lost it in a peat bog- she loves going on adventures in wild Wales” Sue Barry, Notch Handmade



“Here is Queenie doing her quality control, she is keeper of the Bisque ware and catches all the flaws” Richard Pomeroy



“His nicknames consist of little beasty, wriggle bum, creeper, luni tunes and luna-bambuna – he is full of character and has so much love.” May Hoffman


“It’s not MY dog, but I had a sort of muse when I was in Portugal, called Bill” Ok David



“Gwennie is a farm dog from Wales. She loves to run on the Downs and watching her is a truly beautiful sight as her dad is a greyhound. She has the sweetest nature and has brought my boys up to be really loving and kind” Sarah Burns 



” Sassy is head of security at Pirate Farms. She has walked from Lands End to John O’ Groats and has eyeliner like cleopatra” Oscar Davidson from Pirate Farms