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Katja Huth (if you haven’t met her already) is our resident collage artist and long time creative collaborator. In fact she has been with The Chuffed Store right from the beginning. She is a mega talent- one could say a Renaissance Woman! Although her main medium is collage, she is skilled in multiple creative processes.

Katja is also fantastically eccentric and with that really inspiring. When we heard she was taking herself off for a solo adventure to Dartmoor, we pleaded with her to take us along! Not to disrupt her blissful solitude we asked her to document her trip instead, in the hope that it will bring a snapshot of the beautiful British Isles to you all.

Another day on Dartmoor
by Katja Huth
Parking up near Water Hill,
overlooking Hookney Tor,
the sun starts setting,
greeted by sheep and their lambs.
I walk out,
towards a giant circular structure
the bronze age settlement of Grimspound.
People lived there,
in round huts and
herded their animals inside the walls,
for overnight save keeping.
Next day,
an early cup of coffee and warming fire
in my wood burner,
enjoying the sunrise,
listening to the birds.
Starting my hike south,
expansive views,
for so many steps,
one foot in front of another.
Breathing freedom into my lungs,
so many stone-crosses up here.
Eventually climbing up,
towards Cramber Tor,
to find Crazy Well Pool.
A swim, exhilarating,
in cold dark water,
breathing in peace.
Homemade jerky snack,
soaking up the sunshine,
chat with some hikers.
Getting going again,
following the Devonport leat
greeting another lady hiker,
glad to be out again.
Leat turns into a waterfall
and then crosses an Aqueduct too,
mesmerised by the water’s ways.
I am finding much interest near Black Tor.
A stone circle,
I sit in it,
try to pick up on pre-historic vibes.
A round of gnarly trees,
naming them: Dancing Sisters.
The Tor’s rocks,
stuck so loosely,
like child’s play.
Now I am realising
my foot is sore,
I twisted it in the muddy moorland.
Limping back,
making Moor plans for another day.
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