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This invigorating body scrub with powerful ocean-ingredients is the perfect treatment for buffing away dry skin cells and hydrating the skin. It leaves the body radiant, moisturised and so very soft.

Connect to the Atlantic Ocean in the comfort of your own home, with this deeply softening treatment. The scrub contains four 100% organic and natural ingredients.

Kelp & Fucus Serratus – Two powerful seaweed’s which provide rejuvenating, detoxing and hydrating benefits to the skin. The ground seaweed releases hydrating gels and is the main reason you feel so silky soft after exfoliating.

Dead Sea Salt – The Dead Sea salt is deeply exfoliating and works hard to clean away dead skin cells and encourage the skin renewal process. Customers find this scrub great for dry legs, and especially beneficial used in Winter when the skin is more dry.

Neroli Essential Oil – lightly fragranced with Neroli, a floral organic essential oil which uplifts and leaves you feeling revived and pampered.

Recommended use: Seatox recommends using this scrub 2 – 3 times a week for maintaining soft skin, or 3 – 4 times per week if you’re skin is more dry.


About the Maker:

Seatox, is a vegan,cruelty-free and organic skincare brand based in Bristol. The Seaweed is hand harvested on pristine shores, in a way that is sustainable and encourages regrowth. All our products are handmade in small batches. Seatox believes what you take from the ocean you must give back, so all packaging is zero-waste and plastic-free where possible! We also support marine conservation initiatives.