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Scarf handknitted in mohair & silk, then lined in 100% silk. The lining is hand sewn with an invisible stitch.
You can style this scarf creatively with either a knot or simply draped open around the neck.
It measures around 100cm long and it’s 15cm wide.

About the Maker:

Jamila Norris is the talent behind Jam Knits.I am self-taught and began knitting as a hobby on my arrival to England from Lebanon. I was drawn to the soothing process of knitting as I was away from home in a new country. I am inspired by a love for natural fibres and their unique textures - the feather-light softness of cashmere, the fluffy lustre of mohair and the durable versatility of linen. I am self-taught and began knitting as a hobby, however it quickly grew into a passion and over the years has turned into my business,  Jamknits. My aim is to make stylish and functional knitwear for both adults and children using the highest quality natural yarns. I love colour and my collection uses a wide range - from bright acids, rich jewel tones to muted earthy hues."