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Kitsune ceramic tile
Kitsune ceramic tile
Kitsune ceramic tile

Kitsune ceramic tile


Glazed ceramic tile.

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Sold By: Theodora Boorman


Glazed earthenware tile, 4″x4″

Each tile has been painted with cobalt underglaze. I have hand-drawn and used a sgraffito technique to scratch the surface of the underglaze to create the image.

Tiles are glazed and can be grouted onto walls or kept as beautiful pieces.

The Kitsune is a Japanese fox, endowed with a supernatural ability to shapeshift. They accrue wisdom and more tails as they grow older, and have been regarded as protectors and bringers of omens.

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About the Maker:

Theodora Boorman is an artist and maker based in Oxfordshire. She works primarily in printmaking and ceramics. Her work is informed by her experiences of working in museums and archives and reflects her love of storytelling.
Each piece created in her studio has been made by hand and grown from a story - whether that be a narrative that she has collected or a story that she has sown herself.

Theodora works with reclaimed materials as much as possible. This means that her work is usually one-off pieces or very limited editions. 

“Hand-made things are special and unique. I love the fact that my work is not mass produced. I want everyone to be able to own an exclusive work of art that they love and create their own stories around.”