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Fused Glass 'Night & Day Bowl'
Fused Glass 'Night & Day Bowl'
Fused Glass 'Night & Day Bowl'
Fused Glass 'Night & Day Bowl'
Fused Glass 'Night & Day Bowl'

Fused Glass ‘Night & Day Bowl’


Dimensions: 18.5cm wide x 4.5cm deep

1 in stock (can be backordered)

Sold By: April Pebble


The ‘Night & Day Bowl’ draws on colours and patterns used by our indigenous peoples. I am deeply drawn to ancient cultures, those that connect with the land and find meaning in nature. In many communities there is great significance in colour. For example the colour Orange  is associated with joy and sunshine, whereas blue can be related to serenity and feelings of calm. The colours of the ‘Night & Day Bowl’ are linked to tribes across the globe, the central section relates to the seasons and the changing of summer into winter.

This vessel can be used both functionally and decoratively in the home.


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About the Maker:

April Pebble is a Bristol based artist specialising in Glass. With an ethical backbone behind every endeavour and a curious eye for magic; she hopes that such qualities will be bestowed upon your home with every purchase. She works with fused glass, which involves carefully selecting different colours and grades of different types of glass; cutting, crushing and sometimes painting it before placing it in a specialist kiln at specific and varied settings. Years of experimentation have allowed her to discover new techniques and styles now being presented in her work. She is working on projects involving recycled glass, which she hopes to be an ethical alternative to bought in glass thus making it a more sustainable art form.
April also designs and creates stained glass panels for new and period buildings, as well as restoration and sculpture. This is a different form of glass art which doesn’t always involve firing, and uses lead or alternative framing, including metal and wood, to embrace the glass in such ways to create the desired effect.