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Face mask making gift kit


This self-care face mask making kit is the ultimate pampering experience. The bamboo head towel will make your home feel like a spa. The Seatox Wild Ocean Glow face mask powder is also included, with a bamboo bowl and spoon perfect for mixing. You can add ingredients to the mix such as banana & apple cider vinegar.

Sold By: Seatox


Spa Kit includes:

1 x Wild ocean glow face mask

1 x Bamboo towel cloth headband

1 x Bamboo bowl + mixing spoon

About the Maker:

Seatox, is a vegan,cruelty-free and organic skincare brand based in Bristol. The Seaweed is hand harvested on pristine shores, in a way that is sustainable and encourages regrowth. All our products are handmade in small batches. Seatox believes what you take from the ocean you must give back, so all packaging is zero-waste and plastic-free where possible! We also support marine conservation initiatives.