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Collage Kit & Carefree Collages Online session


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Sold By: Katja Huth


Collage Kit & Voucher to join Carefree Collages online session

This unique combination pack is the perfect stocking filler gift for someone special.

I did it again! The 4th Collage making kit is now available.
After days of ploughing through (yes, like a good old farmer) my collection of vintage books, National Geographics magazines and collected clippings, I have created a new edition of collage making kits.

These are not copies but original pages and images handpicked by collage artist Katja Huth.

This 4th edition collage making kit will have several of these:
*Vintage National Geographic magazine pages,
*Universe and stars
*fashion images
*vintage wedding
*maps and
*gold round stickers.

This collage kit includes a leaflet of inspirations and your Voucher to join an online collage-making session in January.

This pack is a creative winter warmer for yourself or a stocking filler for a friend.

Little oopsie, because I got so excited to present you with this fantastic new set of materials, I had a glitch, and the label says “bus stubs,” but what you are getting this time is metallic dot stickers.

About the Maker:

I live and work in my home studio in Bristol. In my collage work, I get inspired by the punchy Kodachrome photos of the 1940s-1970s. The excellent photographic work of the past- re- imagined by me into new whimsical stories that float timelessly. I take inspiration from nature during days out hiking and swimming. Those trips has led to another joy of mine: the curation of a wondrous and ever-growing collection of seed pods, shells, fossils and human-made debris also known as Mudlark. I am an autodidact with a background in graphic design and enjoy discovering new art forms and crafts.