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Large Woollen Stripy Shawl from The Yorkshire Dales collection.

Clipped and spun from the fleeces of Welsh Black Mountain and Jacob sheep creating tones of peat brown and creamy white.

These natural un-dyed yarns are woven together creating stripes and structures that echo the markings of the surrounding hills.

This collection of blankets and shawls are woven in close collaboration with a bespoke mill run by father and son who use traditional looms with wooden shuttles.

The close locality of all the steps in the process from clipping the sheep to washing, spinning, sampling and weaving means a good carbon footprint.

Woven in 100% Pure British Wool. Hand finished with a 7 cm fringe at either end.

Can be hand washed gently or in a washing machine on a gentle wool wash, with wool liquid soap.

About the Maker:

Sally Hampson grew up in an Irish household; her parents came to London where she was born along with her five brothers and sisters. They came with very little so the things they had were precious, a check wool blanket was one of them. Sitting on wooden crates making a rag rug out of old woollen suiting pieces was an early and indelible memory. She spent time with the shepherds in the Cheviot Hills on the Scottish boarder. This wild and rugged landscape continues to be an important part of what she wants to share through her weaving. These simple aesthetics have influenced Sally’s artistic career, from working in the theatre on costumes and sets, to travelling to Egypt, Ethiopia and Kenya, to work with artisan weavers, potters and basket makers. Always close to the colours and textures of natural materials and the simplest way of combining them together. Sally’s latest woven collection takes you into the heart of the British landscape. Transforms her journeys to the wild landscape of The Outer Hebrides and The Shetland Isles into unique woven textile pieces. In collaboration with bespoke mills in Shetland and Yorkshire, using wool from indigenous sheep, she has created pieces that truly represent the land.

Sally Hampson: Artist Weaver

Sally Hampson on loom