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acorn light fitting
acorn light fitting
acorn light
acorn light
acorn light



Sold By: Lumo Lights


The Acorn pendant is made with sustainably sourced oak, some of which has been harvested by hand from a fallen tree. You can view our short video detailing the Acorn’s journey from woods to workshop here. The Acorn light is inspired by the process of clearing space in the woodland and bringing a little piece of it into your home. The Acorn comes with a decorative filament bulb and an italian linen flex cable.


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About the Maker:

Lumo combines contemporary silhouettes with reclaimed and found natural materials, resulting in conscious designs that fit effortlessly in any space. We work with materials such as hardwood and metal, producing lights that merge contemporary silhouettes with warm tones and earthy textures. Our lights are made by hand in Bristol UK. Lumo aims to enhance not only the interior space but the mood of those within it.