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Who are you, where are you from and what do you make?

I’m Tess and I run a small business called Seatox. I have been fortunate enough to live in a fair few wonderful places. I’d say the two places that feel most like home to me are Bristol ( I went to uni there and never left!), it’s such a green-minded and welcoming city. The second place is Ireland. this is where my Dad is from and I spent all of my childhood holidays on the west coast. It was my Irish roots that inspired me to start Seatox. I now make seaweed spa treatments to be enjoyed at home. Seaweed has been foraged along the wild Atlantic way on the west coast for centuries and serves many purposes from fertiliser to a food source. It was the Seaweed baths and Dulse seaweed crisps they sell on my local beaches in County Clare & Galway, that got me thinking!


What Inspires you?

Nature is my biggest inspiration. Going to truly wild places is where I feel most happy and inspired. Nature has all the answers we need, in Ireland there is a national park called the Burren, this unique rocky limestone landscape is very near where Seatox seaweed is harvested from. There are wild goats and flowers endemic only to this Burren nature reserve, which is so special. Then in England we have many lovely species and are re-introducing the Beaver! You don’t have to walk far to forage and find cleavers, comfrey, dandelions and more, all which have healing and wellness benefits. That to me, is so inspiring… the power of plants! (and of course algae (seaweed!). 
Another big inspiration behind the branding of Seatox has been Irish Folklore, I find it so special and fascinating how rural communities have a deep connection with the land and animals around them. The survival of celtic traditions in western Ireland is amazing. Just before I decided to embark on Seatox I made a documentary series about Gaelic speaking regions, mythology and fairy folklore. One of my Seatox products I named ‘Selkie Smooth’ inspired by Selkies, the mythical Seal women known in celtic folklore. 

What is your workshop luxury?

The luxury of being able to dance around to some old disco classics, while packing orders!


Your favourite studio lunch?

Oh stuck for choice on this one! I work on the bustling Gloucester road, which is filled with independent eateries! I love popping to Eat a Pitta, they do very tasty falafel salads. 


Best Spot in the British Isles?

Oh again, too many places to choose one! I recently spent some time in Jersey and it was gorgeous, I also LOVE the Cornish coastline. A specific place I have lots of happy memories is in Seatown in Dorset near Bridport. I lived there for two years and worked in a pub right on the beach, the best part was going for swims on my lunch break and on a lucky day you might see dolphins or a seal! 


What do you find challenging about being a creative?

Sometimes I have overwhelming urges to do every idea that pops into my head. I think a lesson for me has been that It’s important to learn your limits as a creative, and give yourself time to rest. 


What would you like to learn next?

I’d love to take a Pottery Class in the new year. There’s a Clay Club in Bristol in a workshop space called Trylla and I’m keen to join the club and have a play with some clay. Clay has been here millions of years and since the dawn of time, so like many others, I do feel a connection with it.


How do you let your hair down?

So these days…. some red wine in my house and a great film, I recently signed up to MUBI and I love their handpicked independent and world cinema choices


What are you listening to at the moment?

I’m actually loving Bach, the classical composer. I listen in the morning and find his music both soothing and uplifting. I can wholly recommend the ‘Bach and Relax’ playlist on Spotify!


What makes you feel well chuffed?

Eating delicious home-made puddings!… and receiving a Chuffed order of course!?