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Hi, My name is Luna

I am 7 years old and I like everything glittery. I live in Bristol and I moved school quite recently. I have a little sister who drives me mad. I love Christmas because I like to be the Christmas elf delivering presents to all my family from under the tree. I found it really hard to choose 8 things I like from The Chuffed Store. I really liked 20!

I love the pale pink cashmere bunny it is so fluffy, pink and kissable. I would take it over to my friends house in a Bagasaurus backpack stuffed full of fancy dress. I really like the colour pink! The Nettle tea towel would look nice on my bedroom wall



The DIY cat bunting kit is great!

“I really like the rainbow headbands, I am 7 and there are 7 colours in the rainbow so that is perfect! I would love to snuggle on the sofa after a mud fight with one of Kitty’s soft blanket scarves.  Not forgetting the cat collages – so so cute”

Make your own Crackers!

This kit looks really fun. I love crackers, they go bang and are filled with silly jokes. Also Auntie Moo Moo always tells me it is great to make tables look pretty for parties!

The recycled notebooks are great! I am the Eco Councillor at my school

I walk to school everyday, one of Ria’s avocado dyed bobble hats would keep me warm. They are made in Bristol too!